Prof. Günter Burg (GB)

GB is Prof. emeritus for Dermatology at the University of Zürich. He has longstanding experience in establishing platforms for distant learning and telecommunication (G BURG, Ed:Telemedicine and Teledermatology Book, Karger 2003) and presently serves as “Delegate of the Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft for Modern Media in Knowledge Transfer“. Close cooperation with the partners in Nepal exist since 1999. As a member of the Senior Expert Corps of Swisscontact (www.swisscontact.org) GB has spent several weeks in Nepal introducing e-learning tools at the two major medical schools.


Prof. Markus Liniger (ML)

ML keeps a Diploma of Elecrtical Engeneering from the Schoolof Engeneering in Bern and has been Professor of Telecommunication in Biel and Head of the  Systemanalysis-Group for Mikrowavecommunications, Research Labs of the Swiss PTT in Bern. He serves as Senior Expert of Swisscontact (http://www.swisscontact.org/)


Dr. med Doris Burg (DB)

DB is a neurologist in retirement. Close cooperation with the partners in Nepal exist since 1999. She has spent several weeks in Nepal lecturing neurology at several places and introducing electromyography, for which there is an urgent need in a country with many accidents.


Vahid Djamei (VD)

VD is an informatics specialist with a Master of science in interactive media. He has a diploma of Business Information Technology and has long standing experience in designing, programming and implementation of distant learning platforms. VD is the CEO of the IT-company Swiss4ward.